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Thank you for choosing Accurate Termite and Pest Control for your community’s Termite Control Program.

You may meet the inspector, leave a key with a neighbor/authorized person, or in a safe place. You may leave notes for your inspector when finalizing your appointment.

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Appointments are being made between 8:00am – 4:00pm on a first-come, first served basis.

The Board of directors has arranged to have

All exteriors, attics, interiors, exclusive use patios/balconies, and garage interiors and exteriors inspected and treated for termites.​ Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. Exterior common areas will also be inspected during the below-mentioned dates

 You are requested to make an appointment to provide access to your unit at any time between

Tuesday, September 15th – Friday, October 16th
(excluding Sundays and Mondays)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to leave while my unit is being treated?

No, you do not have to leave your unit for termite treatment. Our licensed termite technician will not be using any sprays, fogs, or noxious gases. Treatment is done by drilling into termite infested wood and injecting the termite control product directly into wood.

Is the termite control product safe for kids and pets?

The termite control products being applied will not place pets or people (including the termite technician) in harm's way. Sprays, fogs, or noxious gases are not used for local termite treatments.

I have never seen termites in my unit, do I still need to provide access?

Our termite inspectors and technicians are licensed and trained to find evidence of termite infestations that not everyone can immediately detect. By the time termite evidence becomes evident to the general public, it means the infestation and termite colonies have become significantly large and destructive.q




Can the technician treat for ants and other pests while he is there?

No, unfortunately. The appointment is strictly to perform local termite treatments. We would be glad to help with any other pest issues you may be experiencing. Get a quote and $25 off other pest services.

How long will the inspector be in my unit?

Depending on a few factors such as the size of your unit and how much termite control treatments need to be done, the technician may be in your unit anywhere from 10 – 60 minutes.

What will this termite treatment cost me?

The cost of this service will be paid by the HOA. As long as you make arrangements to have your unit treated for termite within the allotted dates, there is no cost to you.


  1. Kate Kee

    I’m sorry I have been moving in and missed my appointment slot. When can we schedule the inspection?

  2. Judy Phillips

    Can I change my appointment to as soon as possible because I have a termite problem in my bedroom. 😗

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